Get Rid of Credit Card Processing Fees For Good! Say Goodbye To Tedious And Expensive Payments 

Aren't Merchant Cash discount programs and surcharge programs the same?

Cash discount programs and surcharge programs may sound similar at first, but they are actually two different things. Cash discount programs involve offering customers a discount when they pay with cash, while charging those who pay with a card a fee to cover processing costs. 

On the other hand, surcharge programs involve charging customers a fee for paying with a card, regardless of whether they choose to pay with cash or not. 

The Merchant Surcharge Program allows merchants to add a percentage fee to their consumers’ credit card transactions to cover the merchant’s credit card processing costs. A  small  fee to all credit card transactions itemized on customer receipts. Debit cards and prepaid cards are not eligible for surcharging program

While both programs aim to offset the costs associated with accepting card payments, it’s important to understand the differences between the two and choose the program that’s right for your business.

What is a Merchant Cash Discount Program Or No fee program?

A Merchant Cash Discount program is a payment plan where the customer receives a small percentage reduction on their purchase if they pay with cash or a cash equivalent, such as a check or debit card.  It’s called a “no-fee” program because it doesn’t charge the Business owners fee for accepting  credit or debit card. Instead, the merchant simply applies a percentage-based surcharge to the transaction, which offsets the cost of processing the payment. This unique payment model is designed to shift the cost of payment processing away from the business owner and onto the consumer, making it a cost-effective way for business owners to accept card payments without eating into their profits

Top Business Types Using Merchant Marvels

Delis & Supermarkets

Running a deli or supermarket can be a hectic business. With the right payment processing system, business owners can rest assured that their financial transactions are handled securely and efficiently, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of running their shop.


As a pizzeria owner, this would give you more time to focus on what you do best  making delicious pizzas With right system in place, you can simplify the payment process and make it hassle-free for your customers Imagine paying quickly and easily at your counter or through your mobile app.


Payment processing is an integral part of this convenience equation, and that’s where innovative technology comes in. With seamless integration of point-of-sale systems, card terminals, and online ordering, restaurants can offer customers a quick and easy way to pay for their meals.

Bars & Nightclubs

With the right technology and software, bars and nightclubs can streamline their payment processes and make it easier than ever for their customers to pay for drinks and food. From mobile payment options to automatic gratuity calculation, payment processing can make the end of the night just as enjoyable as the rest of it.

Salons & Spas

Salons and spas can now choose from various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments, making it easier for customers to pay for services on the go.

Retail Stores

The retail industry bridges the gap between customers and their needs in a way that makes shopping an enjoyable experience. With the rise of technology, the retail industry has adapted to meet the needs of their customers with contactless payment options


As a wholesaler, you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient credit card payment processing system. With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, customers expect to be able to make purchases with their credit cards easily and securely. That’s where we come in.

Service Industries

Businesses today are always looking for creative ways to cut costs and increase revenue. One such method gaining popularity in service industries is the use of merchant cash discounts. This strategy essentially offers a percentage discount to customers who pay with cash, instead of credit cards, which in turn reduces the processing fees businesses typically incur.

Contactless Payment Solution

wireless POS

Are you a business owner looking for a payment solution that is faster, safer and more convenient than traditional payment methods? Our Contactless Payment Solutions offer just that. Our POS offers a contactless experience that helps your customers quickly and securely pay without having to physically swipe or insert cards into machines. With contactless payment, there’s no need to worry about entering PINs, passwords or handing over cards making it more secure and contact-free.Keep your staff safe and your customers safe by accepting contactless payments. Contactless payments allows you and your staff to process payments without having to physically touch the customers card. All of our featured Dejavoo and Pax terminals and pinpads are equipped with a contactless payment option that can accept eWallet payments.

Why merchant cash discount is also called no fee program

Merchant cash discount is a payment program that’s quickly gaining popularity among small business owners. It’s called a “no-fee” program because it doesn’t charge the Business owners fee for accepting  credit or debit card. Instead, the merchant simply applies a percentage-based surcharge to the transaction, which offsets the cost of processing the payment. This unique payment model is designed to shift the cost of payment processing away from the business owner and onto the consumer, making it a cost-effective way for business owners to accept card payments without eating into their profits. While some consumers may view it as a convenient way to pay without necessarily realizing the benefits from the business owner’s perspective, it’s a game-changer for many businesses that are still grappling with rising payment processing fees.

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Yes we do provide Free POS

NO matter which program you go for we provide free POS machine along with merchant  ACOOUNT. Not only that we don’t charge you any rental for machine and there is no contract no nothing. Our machine is designed to calculate the processing fee, with which you can take cards, apple pay, Samsung pay and mobile wallet payments on the go, you can also print receipts at the same time & the best thing about this is you will be not charged for monthly processing FEES

Why Join Our Merchant Cash Discounting & Surcharging Platform

Save Money

The biggest reason to join the nation’s #1 cash discounting and surcharging platform is to save money. With this platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of cash discounts and surcharges, which can save you a significant amount of money each year. You’ll also be able to avoid processing fees, which can add up quickly.

Increase Sales

Another reason to join the nation’s #1 cash discounting and surcharging platform is to increase sales. With this platform, you’ll be able to offer your customers a variety of payment options, which can make it more likely that they’ll do business with you. You’ll also be able to offer discounts and surcharges, which can entice customers to purchase from you.

Get Paid Faster

Another benefit of joining the nation’s #1 cash discounting and surcharging platform is that you’ll get paid faster. With this platform, you won’t have to wait for checks to clear or for funds to be transferred into your account. Instead, you’ll receive your payments almost immediately, which can help you keep your business running smoothly.

We Can Intergrate

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POS Systems

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Mobile POS


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Card Swiper


Our complete list of Swipers perfect for the on-the-go business owner using a mobile device.

Virtual terminal

Virtual POS & Gateways

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our technology ensures that a discounted fee is added to your customer’s final total, making it simple and cost-effective for them. The convenient and reliable program also allows customers to make purchases safely online, over the phone, or in-person. With Merchant Marvels, you will never have to worry about processing fees again!

As a business owner, finding ways to save money and increase profits is essential. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is offering Merchant cash discount to customers. But is it legal? The short answer is yes. In fact, offering a discount for paying with cash is a common practice. However, it’s important to ensure that the discount is just that – a true discount for paying with cash – and not a surcharge for using another form of payment. The distinction may seem minor, but there are laws in place to prevent businesses from charging customers extra for using credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. So, as long as you offer a discount for cash payments and not a surcharge for other payment methods, offering a cash discount is perfectly legal.

Credit card processing fees can be a bit of a mystery for small business owners. It’s challenging to navigate the jargon and understand what you’re paying for. The average fees for credit card processing depend on several factors, such as the size, nature of the business, and the volume of transactions. The fees typically range from 1.5% to 3.5% of the transaction value, but there may be additional charges such as monthly service fees, statement fees, and chargeback fees. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare rates from different processors, as they vary widely. Ultimately, finding the right processor can save you money and streamline your payment process.

Choosing a merchant cash discount program for your business can be a tough decision. However, it is important to determine if this program is the right fit for your business. One factor to consider is the financial stability of your business. If your business is unable to make monthly credit card processing fees, then a cash discount program may be a favorable option for you. Another factor to consider when choosing is your customer’s reaction to an extra cost. A cash discount program will add a small percentage to customer transactions, and some customers may be turned off by it. However, studies show that clients are generally more likely to stay with a business that has cash discounts as opposed to charging extra for credit card fees. Therefore, taking the time to assess these factors will help you make the decision and determine if a merchant cash discount program is right for your business.

If you’re considering implementing a cash discount program, you might be wondering if you need any specific equipment to get started. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need any fancy or expensive tools. The most important thing is to have a point-of-sale system (POS) that can handle the calculations and apply the discount correctly. Many modern POS systems already have this capability built-in, so all you need to do is enable the feature and adjust your prices accordingly. Of course, you’ll also need to clearly communicate the terms of the program to your customers and ensure that you’re following all relevant laws and regulations. Overall, setting up a cash discount program doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – just make sure you have the right tools and information to get started.

As online businesses continue to grow, offering a Merchant cash discount program can be a great way to attract customers and increase sales. To implement this program, e-commerce businesses can begin by calculating the percentage of the discount they can offer while still making a profit. Next, they can update their website to prominently display the discount, and offer clear instructions on how customers can take advantage of it. It’s also important for businesses to ensure that their payment processing system is capable of handling cash discounts, and to clearly communicate any limitations or exclusions of the program. Finally, promoting the cash discount program through targeted marketing campaigns can help to drive traffic and increase conversions, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to stand out in a crowded market.

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Get Rid of Credit Card Processing Fees For Good!

   Say Goodbye To Tedious And Expensive Payments